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Concrete Coatings is an industry leader in polished concrete, applying professional grade industrial coatings, concrete sealers, epoxy garage flooring along with enhancing existing walkways, patios, pool decks through decorative concrete applications that come with a "Lifetime Adhesion Warranty" as we pride ourselves of failure free installations.


Polished concrete has now become a renowned flooring surface that provides ease of maintenance along with superior durability. Warehouses, academic stores, or other high traffic facilities that want to achieve brilliant results on these concrete floor surfaces (whether old or new) can be grinded to have a high shine and a smooth finish. There's literally no need for waxes or coatings. Your floors are guaranteed to deliver an everlasting shine that will absolutely WOW your guests and keep you pleased and smiling for decades to come.

It is also an economical flooring option for homeowners and businesses which are unable to afford expensive marble or granite floors but at the same time wish for the same brilliance and glossy finish. Concrete polishing is a well-known preference in flooring that is suitable for both residential and commercial properties. This type of flooring is long-lasting and ensures a refined look.

Facilitation of true brilliance in color and texture is one of the main reasons for it's popularity. Gone are the days when concrete flooring was just mere slabs of grey (dim and dull) and an unaffordable means of flooring. Today, property owners make a distinct preference of various different colors, shades and polishes that offer a premium look and feel to their overall property.

Polished concrete is a popular choice because of the diversity it offers while remaining pocket-friendly. It does not involve any extensive care, replacement/maintenance cost or any waxing/coating. Moreover, it is dirt and slip resistant
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We take pride in our work and accommodate both small custom jobs, as well as COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTSRIAL, while maintaining our high quality standards.


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